RB-defi loire aviron-19

GeoRacing dedicated to rowing events

GeoRacing has been successfully used on rowing « The défi Loire Aviron 2013″ events.


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Rowing events are complex:

  • The Partners request more visibility for a better « return of investments »,
  • The Sailing Clubs must gather lot of volunteers, who are more and more difficult to mobilise,
  • The Runners, Organisers, Spectators, Journalists, want interim or final rankings in real time.

GeoRacing allows:

  • To Follow Live Outdoor Races,
  • To Help organisers to manage reliably its event: tally sheet, ranking, security and organisation,
  • To Have rankings in real time, with the differences in time between each competitor, at each mark,
  • To Animate a public with the races tracking on TV or large screen,
  • To Allow to persons not present on location, to follow race on Internet or mobile: partners, general public, journalists…
  • To Answer to competitor requests interested by a tracking system, for their own partners.

After the races, it’s a tool for:

  • Debrief at disposition of juries, coaches and runners,
  • Diffusion of PDF sheet race with summary table of ranking evolution, at each marks, for each competitor, and details of time at each mark (gain or loss in ranking),
  • Essential information for juries who can review situations, use the tracking like a neutral indicator and to form an idea more exact,
  • Animation of the awards ceremony with a debriefing, in presence of skippers, animators, journalists… or simply during an evening between competitors.


Les situations Aviron illustrées en 2D